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  • Alphons Arkon

    Widower to Lady [[:christa-arkon | Christa Arkon]] (and suspected to be her murderer) Also suspected to be a werewolf

  • Christa Arkon

    (Deceased) Wife to [[:alphons-arkon | Alphons Arkon]] Suspected to have been committing adultery with [[:corvin | Corvin]] the Banker. Body was found mangled by a beast in her marital home

  • Corvin

    Worker/proprietor of the Custom's House in Nassau Alleged lover of the recently departed [[:christa-arkon | Christa Arkon]]

  • Cervantes

    A merchant and noble of good standing in Nassau Found to be the leader of the Thieve's Guild

  • Allaraina Forgestoker

    Worker/proprietor of the [[Nassau | Nassau]] Blacksmith shop. Contracted by the adventurers to silver their weapons. Her shop was burned to the ground by the [[:the-archdevil | Archdevil]]. She was rescued from the conflagration by the direct …

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