Farewells and Devils

Many Things...

The group finished off Brizz’lip, leader of the goblin warrens. The bronze faced goblin’s screeching cries and curses against a figure known as Cervantes could not be ignored. The group was not without casualties though. Arken, in a heroic sacrifice, dove off a rope bridge to take a lethal arrow for Elvioc. The druid, distraugth at his friend’s sudden sacrifice, left the party in the night, leaving behind a magical amulet for the group as a way of farewell.

The farewells continued back at Port Nassau, with Kylar taking his leave of the group to hunt a dangerous lich.

The diminishment of the party was halted by the additions of Thraegor Swiftspade and Durzo, a barbarian and sorceror, respectively.

After meeting with Lord Mancha, governor of Nassau, the group moved to investigate Cervantes. They discovered through rumors and general asking that Cervantes is most certainly the guildmaster of the Thieves’ Guild here on the island.

Silvering their weapons to deal with the werewolf on the island, the group found themselves with some unexpected downtime. In a twist of fate, Durzo found a Deck of Many Things. Drawing from the Deck, Durzo found himself face to face with a nameless Archdevil, who pointed at him before disappearing. Devils and unfortunate happenstances began to plague the group, with the blacksmith’s forge being burned down in a surely magical fire and the silvered weapons delivered to the Thieves’s guild warehouse. Storming the warehouse, the group retrieved the silvered weapons, but now finds themselves on the bad side of Lord Cervantes….


Tamerathon Dark_Archon

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