Posei, God of Passages and Civilizations.
Symbol: A lit candle, with rays of light coming off of it.
Domains: Knowledge, Light.
Alignment: Lawful Good
Motto: Senātus Populusque
Nemesis: Althern, Incarnation of Storms, Weryn, Goddess of War
Allies: Cali, Goddess of Life, Drexel God of Knowledge

Appearance: Posei manifests as an old man, who carries a shepherd’s flail and a lantern that always stays lit.


  • Guide the flocks of men to ensure that civilization prospers
  • Tame the wildernesses so that prosperity may follow
  • Shelter the innocent

A highly benevolent deity, Posei is known as the Shepherd to many. His faithful are often seen as guides and wayfarers, offering travelers rest and recuperation so that civility and trade may flourish. Posei dislikes the destruction that Althern brings, feeling that it brings people to their knees. Similarly, Posei opposes Werryn’s hot-headed approach to problem solving, believing that might doesn’t always make right. Cali’s fostering of life often puts the two deities on similar paths, although Posei does not often respect the wilds as much as Cali would wish.


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