Drexel, The Scholar
Symbol: A “Gear Wing”, a gear with teeth missing to form a wing shape.
Domains: Knowledge,
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Motto: Knowledge is power.
Nemesis: None

Appearance: Drexel has not been seen by his followers in years, although when he was mortal he was a dragonborn researcher.


  • We are researchers. The Clockworks is a massive underground complex, and through the years more and more of the Clockworks is explored and examined and more of Drexel’s notes have been found, so exploring, researching, and understanding it all is very important. Advancement cannot take place unless we know more.
  • Be careful of knowledge. As more and more is discovered, there is a realization that this knowledge can be good and bad. The clockworks hold many secrets, and more secrets are found from Drexel’s notes, but with each new thing discovered, you need to have foresight about what this could mean, what could accomplish, and if this is even something to dabble in. Testing ideas and discoveries could lead to more harm than good.
    We must also be careful about who gains the knowledge we discover. Not everyone knows about the Clockworks, and in fact not everyone should know about them. The dangers the place present could claim many lives, and the knowledge that could get out could be perverted or corrupted to create horrors or disasters. Hoarding knowledge isn’t going to be any good since so many people can benefit from this, but sharing it freely could be equally as devastating.
  • We are healers. Research is only part of what is to be done, we do try and help the people however we can. Drexel did not spend his days alone studying every waking moment, he did go out and help people, and the same should be done for us. With each new discovery, with each new thing learned, part of what needs to be asked is how that will help, either with healing, efficiency, practicality, and so on

*Working in harmony. The clerics skills and powers are a mix of both the divine magic as well as the use of technology. It is thought that the mixing of the two could be disastrous, so we work to make sure that they two can work well with each other to help accomplish the desired end.
The use of research and aid should also be in harmony. While some groups may focus on one over the other, one cannot function without the other, so a harmony of the two needs to exist to have both work at the maximum potential.

A former researcher, Drexel learned the secrets of an underground area known as The Clockworks. With the knowledge he amassed there he was able to perform miraculous feats of healing and magic. After founding a community called Emberlight, Drexel eventually disappeared into the Clockworks.


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