Cali, Goddess of Life
Symbol: A tree, blooming with flowers
Domains: Life, Nature
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Motto: All Life Shall Flourish.
Nemesis: Weryn, Goddess of War
Allies: Posei, God of Civilizations

Appearance: Cali takes the form of a dryad or forest nymph, dressed in leaves and flowers.


  • Shelter all living things.
  • Natures way may seem chaotic or cruel, but allows for many to survive.
  • Suffer not the undead, for they are abominations

The twin sister of Weryn, Cali believes in sheltering life as much as she can. With that said, Cali will also let nature take its place, knowing that the predator and prey interaction is a necessary evil to ensure others will survive. She abhors undead creatures of all kinds, which have placed themselves outside of the cycle of Life and renewal.


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