Fazhan Deng zi Renzhen

The Stern, Brawny, and Brusque Half-Orc Fighter


Renzhen is a male half-orc that stands 6’ tall and weighs a sturdy 224 lbs. His build is burly and fit but does not appear as muscular as his true strength would suggest. Renzhen’s eyes are a pale green with flecks of a darker shade, and his skin is light tan in pigmentation. His face reveals his mixed lineage, as his bottom canines are prominant, his ears are lupine, and his nose and brow are both sloped like that of an orc’s. A scar earned shortly after birth adorns the right side of his visage, midway between his ear and eye. The militaristic half-orc keeps his hair and face sheared to stubble, though his hair is thick and dark when left unattended, which his limbs and torso highlight when they are exposed. The former soldier’s posture is strictly developed, and he carries himself with poise and purpose, even in his times of relaxation. Being very serious a majority of the time, Renzhen rarely smiles or laughs, though he can be coaxed into doing so when near those he considers close friends. He prefers to wear his armor when he travels and sports the emblem of Blaqueston with pride.



Background, Attitude and Personality

Renzhen is a 20 year old half-orc fighter that hails from the town of Blaqueston. Having previously served in the military, his background is that of a properly trained and disciplined soldier. He holds the principles of civility, justice and intelligence very dear. Possessing a stern demeanor, he is notorious for his honest but brusk conversational habits. Though he fully understands the concepts of revelry and humor, he seldom partakes in such behaviors.

Birth and Rescue

(Note: The following circumstances of birth are strictly esoteric, and neither he nor those in his life know the full details.)

Renzhen was conceived within the orcish barbarian tribe of Gra’ahz-Dro when an orcish barbarian Draahl Gra’ahz-Dro ravaged the captive human slave girl, Othelia Sundgren. Were it not for the miraculous constitution of both mother and child, the half-orc spawn would never have known the world, as the slaves of the tribe were severely mistreated and routinely ravaged.

The ill temper of Draahl eventually wrought its terror, and Othelia was beaten into an early labor. By sheer luck, these events coincided with a preliminary attack on the tribe led by the Blaqueston army. Though the soldiers were unable to save the mother, the aspiring Captain Helmgring Bruntsbane found the child and could not bear to see the whelp destroyed. Knowing of a nearby monastery that accepted orphans, he saw the creature delivered there to be given an opportunity to live.

Childhood at the Fazhan Monastery

Regarded as a seedling in need of delicate nurture, the half-orc infant was given the name Fazhan Deng zi Renzhen and was accepted by the monks at the Fazhan monastery, led by elder Fazhan Chu zi Kongxia. Two other orphans that found their way to the sanctuary, Fazhan Mao zi Xiongtu the human and Fazhan Rui zi Renci the half-elf, formed a brotherly bond with the half-orc. The three orphans swore a blood oath that they would never forsake each other, regardless of what paths their lives assume.

An important principle of the monastery was identifying and encouraging growth of the strengths of their saplings, which meant Renzhen embracing his physical prowess through training and fitness. Additionally, Elder Fazhan sought to maintain healthy cooperative relationships with the surrounding civilizations. This provided an opportunity for the half-orc to serve as an acolyte to the Blaqueston military as he matured.

For several months each year, several Fazhan acolytes would travel to Blaqueston to live temporarily and assist with any physical work that needed done for the commanding officers. Though many of the officers scorned the half-orc in favor of the other human acolytes, the newly promoted Colonel Helmgring Bruntsbane provided Renzhen a chance.

Blaqueston Military Service

Upon reaching adulthood, (age 14) Renzhen officially enlisted with the military as a warrant officer, largely due to the support of the army’s newly promoted general, Gen. Bruntsbane, who saw great potential in the half-orc despite his barbaric heritage. Based upon his merits of strict obedience, military strategy, and martial prowess, Renzhen was promoted to the rank of 1st Lieutenant during his term, to mixed reception amongst his peers.

Midway through his second term, General Bruntsbane suffered an unusual illness and passed away, leaving command of the army to one Thevious Anskuld, who did not fully support Renzhen’s rise through the military ranks. Renzhen was informed by General Anskuld that due to racial tensions in the military administration his rank would increase no further. Furthermore, the half-orc was urged to accept an option which provided an honorable discharge from the military in avoidance of racial turmoil and subsequent loss of rank. Begrudgingly, Renzhen accepted the offer due to his deep respect of the town and it’s military.

Venturing Into the World

Feeling as if he no longer could advance his accomplishments at Blaqueston, Rhenzhen set out to seek other opportunities across the realm, while keeping the memory of Blaqueston fixed within his heart. Several months of travel delivered Renzhen to the port settlement of Meijis. During a brief abeyance there, he learned of a group seeking work at the widely untamed Island of Nassau. Renzhen seized this opportunity swiftly and joined in the cause of the group.

Fazhan Deng zi Renzhen

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