Adventure Log

When we last left our heroes....

Having escaped a dark ritual that left them magically branded, our heroes found themselves on a caravan to Teignmouth, a small port city. After fending off a skeleton attack in a cursed field, the group found the town underattack by a dracolich and its deranged followers. Making their way to the keep and saving numerous people along the way, the group lent its considerable aid to the town, foiling numerous plots, including attempts to infiltrate the local church of Posei and the Keep’s sally port.

At the highmark of the adventure, the group found itself challenged to single combat by Cyanwrath, a blue half dragon. Deeming Cyanwrath’s taking of hostages to enforce a one on one fight to be dishonorable, the group staged a risky rescue attempt. They succeeded, laying low the half dragon and eliminating the majority of the cultists as three of their number fell to crossbow bolts. Emboldened by the heroes efforts, the defenders of the keep rode out in a counter attack and routed the cultists from the town.

Concerned over the cults plans (or not) and wishing to investigate the local Ziggurat for arcane lore, the heroes struck forth again.


Tamerathon Tamerathon

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