The Devilish Werewolf

Making the Ultimate Sacrifice

The fiendish devil continued to haunt our heroes in their dreams. It wasn’t evident just how supernatural these visions were until Durzo awoke with a tangible version of the powerful magical staff he had seen in his dreams, much to the concern of his companions.

The group took measure to warn Corvin the banker that Alphons Arkon may well be coming to seek his vengeance in the form of a werewolf with the approaching full moon. Panicked and terrified, the banker fled immediately.

The group then sought council with Lord Mancha to gather details about the possible location of Alphons at that moment. The were informed that the noble had a cabin in the middle of the nearby woods that he was known to retreat to, and the group planned to set out for that location the next day.

That night, paranoia took the group, as they recalled some troubling information that they forgot to pass on to Lord Mancha. Seeking an emergency late night council, they passed on a warning to the Governer, concerning his safety. The noble thanked the group and returned to his rest.

On the walk back to the Gilded lotus, Vhaalis began to sense a strong sense of evil, which appeared to be the source of screams and snarls which could be heard at a distance. As the group rushed to confront the source, they determined it to be coming from the Gilded Lotus itself. As they approached the doors were ripped from their hinges and scorched and slimy claw marks along the walls. Then, from the second story, a terrifying werewolf burst out of a window and began to flee, with an unconscious Ricky Lavant in tow. The beast was clearly not an average werewolf, as one hand was magically aflame, and the other dripped with some toxic slime.

The heroes gave immediate chase, pursuing the creature through the town while having difficulty keeping up. They managed to catch up to the fiendish lycanthrope in the woods, but the monster threatened to tear at the merchant’s throat with his cursed maw. Thraegor and Renzhen tried desperately to intervene, but the werewolf’s bite found it’s mark, and Ricky was exposed to the curse. The adventurers fought an epic battle, but the werewolf was slain. In the process, Thraegor also suffered the same cursed bite as Ricky, and fell unconscious.

Fierce howls could be heard approaching the group in their vulnerable position. Thinking quickly, the group thought it best to flee, despite the three incapacitated bodies that they were now burdened with. Durzo carried Ricky’s unconscious body, Vhaalis carried Thraegor and Renzhen carried the lifeless devil-beast version of Alphons Arkon. As they fled back towards town, Renzhen noticed that the beast was recuperating rapidly. They stopped at this time, and decided the beast could not be taken alive. As they hacked the limbs and head off of the werewolf, something terrible and unexpected happened. The Archdevil, which Durzo had awoken with the deck of many things, emerged from the dismembered mess of werewolf corpse.

As the incredibly powerful dream staff began to hum loudly, Durzo now knew what he must do. He gave the still lifeless Ricky to Renzhen and told the group to run back to town. Neither Vhaalis nor Renzhen questioned the sorcerer’s unusual resolve, and they began to fly back to town. Durzo wielded the magical dream staff and fought the most heroic battle of his life. He shielded several lethal strikes from the devil, before breaking the magical staff over the fiend’s head. The moment the staff broke a massive white light engulfed the woods, as a magical explosion occurred. Vhaalis and Renzhen turned to see the magnificent site, and had to brace themselves to avoid being knocked down by the shockwave, which flipped carts and rumbled the buildings of Nassau.

Wanting to rush back to Durzo, the two were conflicted, but decided to see to Ricky’s and Thraegor’s well being first. They dropped the two back off at the Gilded Lotus and gave some healing to stabilize the two, before rushing back to the point of the magical explosion. There stood a crystalline figure of Durzo in the posture of casting his shield spell. Awestricken, neither Paladin nor Fighter knew what to do. All they could do was return to the Gilded Lotus and rest.


Tamerathon Dark_Archon

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