A Dark Age

Port Nassau

Several years have passed since the events of Teignmouth. The heroic adventurers that defended the town found themselves outmatched within the Fallen Ziggurat of Posei. As they fell, one by one, the Living Hurricane made landfall and destroyed the town in a massive tidal wave.

Feeling he had no choice but to intervene, Drexel, God of Knowledge, moved forward to confront the Hurricane. But even the greatest knowledge of how it works is sometimes no match for the fury of the elements, and Drexel fell.

With the fall of Drexel, libraries thoughout the world shattered. Books erased themselves and became harder to find. The whole world found itself thrown back, damaged, as true knowledge and learning, secrets of the ages were lost in the cataclysm of the Librarian’s death.

Cut to the present. A new band of heroes, hoping to make a name for themselves, has arrived in the rough and tumble port of Nassau. A haven of crime, pirates, and monstrous forces, the group quickly finds themselves the target of both pickpockets and bandits. Amidst their struggles they learn of two threats against the town. First, goblins have been making bold forages into town to steal, loot, and murder where they can. Second, and more disturbing to the adventurers, a werewolf has started murdering innocents, going so far as to maul a child and drag its body through the streets while the heroes slept away their wine filled night in the inn.

Realizing that such a terrible foe as the werewolf may be beyond them, the heroes moved to strike against the goblins so that they could gather resources to ensure a more even fight against the werewolf. Moving towards the warrens, they swiftly and easily dispatched a bandit group, before moving to the warrens themselves…


Tamerathon Dark_Archon

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